What My Clients Say

Terrific. Positivity. Standout. Sharp. Highly recommend. World-class. Expert.

"Jeremy is terrific to work with. I hired him to help us understand the market landscape in a very complicated space. Not only does he have a unique ability to deal with complexity and learn quickly, but he is also a force of positivity and highly efficient in his work. He pushed me to take different approaches to thinking through our problems and brought in resources I would not have deployed on my own. I highly recommend Jeremy as a thought-partner and strategic-partner."

Nick, Chief Executive Officer, Mango


"Working with Jeremy was amazing. I partnered with him on our first ever Beneficial Shareholder Letter and gave Jeremy full ownership over the writing process. I was able to sit down with him, talk through ideas, and let my stream of consciousness flow. And Jeremy masterfully synthesized all the inputs into something digestible and understandable for our whole company.

His writing skills are world-class – he takes complex, half baked ideas and weaves them into a coherent, inspiring narrative with storytelling, data, and structure. I learned a ton in partnering with him.

I recommend Jeremy to any leader (founders, CEOs, and COOs) who is trying to communicate strategy or a narrative to their team or the public. Jeremy will make your message come alive!"

Josh, Chief Strategy Officer, Mitchell Martin


"Jeremy is a rare asset who brings a powerful blend of sharp, strategic business insight with deep emotional intelligence into his work. His approach is built on a foundation of humility, honesty, and inquiry. He truly was a Swiss Army Knife for my organization, both able to unearth critical improvement areas and implement effective processes for us to achieve meaningful and measurable results. I plan to partner with him for years to come."

Sid, Founder & CEO, Catalyzed Capital


“Jeremy is a standout – not only is he analytically sharp, he cares deeply about the people he works with and about fostering his own development and the development of those around him.”

Gabriella, Senior Manager, Bain & Co.


“I recommend Jeremy to anyone who is leading a team, building a company, or looking for profound personal growth. He has expertly helped me navigate conflict with my direct reports, think outside the box, and better handle the complexities of leading a large team."

Ross, Senior Director of Sales, Indeed