Jeremy Scharf profile

I'm Jeremy Scharf, a Strategic Partner to CEOs, COOs, & CSOs

I partner with executives on their highest-leverage, most challenging responsibilities – whether crafting the strategy, writing a shareholder letter, or building a board deck. I'm a former Bain Consultant and have an MBA from MIT Sloan.

I've partnered with Fortune 500 executives and post-exit founders doing diligence on their next venture. Working with me is like having a small Bain team – personal and flexible, but ready to engage on your most critical issues.

I help my clients in three ways:

  • Strategic Decision Making: I spearhead market due diligence, customer research, growth strategy, etc.

  • Intentional Communication: I create high-caliber board decks, shareholder letters, investor memos, etc.

  • Thought Partnership: I serve as a sparring partner to expand your thinking and challenge your ideas

If you're an executive in one of the below situations, I'd love to explore how I can help:

  • You're facing a challenge you've never dealt with before like setting the company's direction, writing an investor memo, or exploring growth into a new vertical.
  • You lack a trusted equal who can battle test your ideas and hunt down answers to high priority questions, though you may be surrounded by talent in the c-suite and below.
  • You define yourself as visionary or idea-focused leader, but need support synthesizing, prioritizing, and bringing ideas to action.

If what I do may be of service to you and your organization, book time to see if we're a fit here.